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Thoughts and feelings

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Hello all, pictures are slowly filtering throgh and some have been made available on www.gearblast.co.uk/gallery.asp and more will be added shortly.

Non-watermarked high-resolution versions will be made available to those who attended the event only by request through the contact form on the website only listing the images requested (as listed on flickr).

Landmark Moment / Reminder
Cogged G
I felt it time to say something to mark what I feel is a landmark point in my own time online. After 6 years I feel happy to make this post.

It also gives me the opportunity to remind those that might have considered going earlier in the year to have another look and get your tickets booked for GearBlastUK! August 29th and 30th is a bank holiday weekend with a bike rideout on the sunday afternoon, all pervs welcome, see the website linked just below for details!! Make no mistake this is going to be THE gear event weekend of 2009.


see more waffling here....Collapse )


This is what GearBlast is all about! I want this to be a success, to be the start of something that helps promote a community togetherness that has been lacking in some degree for a while now. But also to make those of you realise that this is the real deal and that my team is providing the venue, the tools and the space and time to open your minds to the true perverted nature inside of you.

Come along and be who or what you want without feeling like you're alone, be individual be cloned, robotised, clad in whatever gear you want, but most of all have fun!

Comments welcome, good or bad, but please be constructive....I am only a pup after all.


Website update
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It's been a while but I assure you all that I've been beavering away behind the scenes getting bits organised for the most Geary weekend of the year!

I've had the confirmation from Blackstore that I've been getting excited about and I know some of you have been looking forward to it too.  The Bondage equipment has been confirmed and there are pictures of these devilish devices on the 'venue' link on the gearblast website.   These are the main items at your disposal with additional items provided by others which will remain only usable at the owner's discretion.

On a slightly different note I'd like some input into what music everyone would like to hear on the nights.

We currently have Industrial and Electronica, Chillout and Ambient.  Obviously instrumental music is best used as a background source to keep the level of sounds constant as I'm sure the groans and panting will rise and fall throughout the nights!

I want to keep the music at a level where it can be enjoyed as a background to all other things; playing, chatting, chilling or doing whatever you want, it certainly isn't the main focus of the night.  However I want to keep everyone happy with a good selection.

Other than that I will keep updating LiveJournal with updates when they arise.

Any questions please feel free to post a new subject or send a note through the online webform on www.gearblast.co.uk

(no subject)
Fire Fox Spiky
Hi all you fetish gear perverts :P

Me and a friend in london have our tickets for GB booked and was wondering if anyone could give us a lift up there so we didn't have to use the train? 

Website updates
The GearBlastUK website has been undergoing updates even after it's launch and together with the frenzy of ticket sales and t-shirts too (what these t-shirts have on them even I don't know yet, but as our graphic designer is in charge of that I'm certain they'll be fantastic!!) we have been busy!  I thought i'd let you all know what's been happening.

I have included some pictures of 'The Vault' before it closed for business at the end of April (with special thanks to Jake for allowing me to use them)  This is to show how the event space is LIKELY to look on the night (plus banners and GearBlastUK people being strapped down and socialising) so hopefully you can imagine the buzz in the air, mmmm I can taste it now!

I have also updated the dresscode page to give some refinements to the code.  This list isn't exhaustive, as the event caters for such a wide variety it would be impossible to list everything.  It's more a common sense thing and one of the few excuses to really get into gear and really show it off.

I know there are a few of you who are unsure about coming to something like this but everyone thinks along the same lines at some point, it's just some of us are more used to it than others and I include myself in that.  18 months ago I wouldn't have thought I'd be hosting a massive event for like-minded perverts!

If you're not sure, come ask me, I will give you the time you need.  alternatively get in touch through the contact form which is checked several times daily!


Promo video 1
Cogged G
Good friend RubbikerRO had put together a fantastic promo video for us and posted it on our sponsor GuyzInGear.com website, so I thought i'd show it off here too :D

It gave me shivers the first time I watched it.


GearBlast uk 09 icon white

To all those guys that are interested in Gear Fetishism!  GearBlast is the Event for you!

Feel free to post questions, comments good or bad, experiences, requests of what you'd like to see, hear, feel or do at GearBlastUK!

Our fisrt event is being held this August bank holiday (29th and 30th) in Preston U.K and will be a landmark event for the GearBlast name as we will be bringing guys from all over Europe, the United States, Canada South America, and Australia to mention but a few.

Click on the banner above to be taken to the official GearBlastUK website to find out more!

If you have any questions please use the contact form on the website, or leave a message with this community.

I look forward to this new beginning!